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It is the mission of the Victor Fire Department to save lives, in any capacity trained and equipped for, and to protect property in the event of fire within the Victor Fire District.  To assist any recognized federal, state, or county agency providing resources within the Victor Fire District to reach our mission.


Further VFD will do all that is possible to assist recognized fire departments, federal, state, and county agencies in the preservation of life, as trained and equipped for, and protection of property from fire when requested to do so outside the Victor Fire District.

It is the responsibility of each member to support the mission by subscribing to the following values.

For the Community:

  • We recognize that the community is the reason for our presence.
  • We value the faith and trust of the community, and continually work to deserve that confidence through our attitude, conduct, and accomplishments.
  • Lives are more valuable than property.
  • The safety of the public is of paramount importance, followed closely by the safety of our members.
  • All members of the public are entitled to our best efforts.

For the Department:

  • We strive for excellence in everything we do.
  • Honesty, fairness, and integrity will not be compromised.
  • We continually seek effectiveness, efficiency, and economy.
  • Unity and teamwork are stressed as being to our mutual advantage as individuals and as an organization.
  • Members are continually encouraged to improve themselves as individuals.
  • The free exchange of ideas is encouraged.
  • We will provide professional and courteous service at all times.
  • We are sensitive to changing community needs.


Victor Fire and EMS responded to 303 Calls over 2017

Of These Calls:

EMS Totals: 217

MVA Total: 16 
Canceled By Law 2 
MVA service provided 14 

Wildland Totals: 23

In District: 16 
Lolo Complex: 2 
Unfounded calls: 5 

Structure Fire Totals: 35

In-District: 15 
False alarm/Canceled: 9 
Aid to Stevensville: 4 
Aid to Pinesdale: 3 
Aid to Corvallis: 4

Other Calls: 12

This resulted in a total of 1189.75 Hours for Calls for Victor Fire Members.